Thursday, December 16, 2010

Russian top fashion Military Uniforms leave service men out in the cold

Wearing new style parade uniform Russian troops ...
MOSCOW (AFP) – Russia's sharp new military uniforms, created by a top fashion designer, have landed hundreds in the hospital after proving too thin to withstand ferocious winter cold, a state daily said Wednesday.
Rossiyskaya Gazeta reported that between 60 and 250 servicemen have been laid up with everything from flu to pneumonia as Arctic chills sweep through the country's northern reaches.
"They literally felt naked outside," the paper quoted the mother of one solider as saying. "Many of them ended up in hospital. Ours developed pneumonia," she said of her son.
The government daily said defence officials have admitted not receiving complaints about the uniforms in time to do anything ahead of the winter season.
"It seems that all this happened because of slovenliness on our part," Joint Staff General Nikolai Makarov told the daily.

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