Sunday, May 8, 2011

BLOOD IS RED hits on MUTHA'S DAY! Sunday, May 8th, 9am PT

Hey guys get This E-BOOK its only 99 CENTS yes under one dollar help  out Scot Sigler hit the top of the charts this Sunday and its a great BOOK to read  Check out The video. Hes a New York best Selling Author

Shika-paaoowww! We're heading into the weekend, ready to rock the Amazon charts on Sunday at 9:00am Pacific, noon Eastern. It's easy: get to Amazon on Sunday, wait until 9:00am Pacific then order your copy for your Kindle, iPhone, Androit, Blackberry, iPad, PC or Mac. The sales spike all at once, and pushes our rank up the charts. Eight disturbing stories for 99 cents, bøøm! Drop my fluid like a chemist. You get some sweet new Sigler stank, and you help us out here at Dark Øverlord Media HQ.

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