Thursday, April 5, 2012

Octuplet mom: 'I feel ashamed' about food stamps

By Scott Stump: After vowing never to go on public assistance, octuplet mom Nadya Suleman is accepting food stamps because of dire financial straits. "I still am working as hard as I possibly can to support them,’’ she told TODAY on Thursday about going on public assistance.

 “I made that call reluctantly. "I feel ashamed, but who cares how I feel. It's 100 percent about my children." Suleman told NBC News that for the past two months, she has received $2,000 a month in food assistance from a program in California that gives help to large families making less than $119,000 a year in order to sustain her family of 14 children. Suleman had six children before giving birth to octuplets in 2009 through in-vitro fertilization.

Do you think she is abusing the system? or does she have the right to get Government assistance?.

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