Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Don't fancy a pint? UK introduces new beer size

LONDON – Britain is calling time on more than 300 years of history, by relaxing rules on pub glass sizes.
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Pubs will soon be able to serve a smaller beer, holding about 400 milliliters — a measure popular in some parts of Australia where it is known as a schooner.
Science Minister David Willetts said Tuesday that centuries old rules governing the sale of alcohol are being relaxed in response to health concerns and following demands from businesses to sell sizes better suited to modern waistlines and wallets.
The British pint — a 568 milliliter pour — has been the standard size for beer or cider since it was introduced in 1698. Bars are currently permitted to serve beer only as a pint, or as a third or a half of that measure.
Willetts said legislation would be introduced within months allowing pubs and bars to serve smaller glasses of beer and wine.

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