Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Did Rio de Janiero steal the logo from A Colorado-based Charity

Organizers of the Rio Olympics are on the defensive after similarities between the logo for the 2016 Games and a Colorado-based charity foundation were discovered.
The logo, which was released on New Year's Eve at a massive celebration at Copacabana beach, depicts figures embracing in a circular motion. It was soon noticed that the design resembles the logo for The Telluride Foundation, a Colorado charity chaired by Norman Schwarzkopf.
Here's the Rio logo:

and this is the Colorado logo

But The Telluride Foundation, which has yet to comment on the matter, may not be able to complain too loudly though. It seems that the charitable organization did some design-borrowing of its own when it made its logo. Some have noticed its resemblance to "The Dancer" by Henri Matisse

So every one borrowed from a painting so what, the logo is different i get it, it was not a cool logo shut up Colorado

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